Horse Boarding & Leasing

Bring your horse or lease one of ours

West Wind Stables offers excellent care to our horses in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

We have a wonderful group of boarders, all with different interests and goals.   We have pleasure riders, who are interested in improving their riding skills as well as enjoying their horses both in the ring and out hacking.  We also have riders who are focused on training and showing in hunter and dressage disciplines.  Many of our boarders have been with us since we opened our doors to the public in 1998!!!!

Horse boardingWe believe horses need lots of turnout to keep them healthy and happy.  We have several very large fields (10+ acres each) which allows us to have plenty of group turnout for different groups of horses (geldings separate from mares, etc).    In the summertime the horses enjoy grazing on these many acres.  During the winter, they are fed excellent quality, home grown timothy/alfalfa hay.  They are fed on a free choice basis, from large square bales. 

For horses that need to be turned out alone, or who are on a limited diet, we also have several individual turnout paddocks with hay/grass.  Of course all of the fields and paddocks have access to water (heated in the winter) all of the time.  The paddocks are a mixture of board and rail fencing and electrobraid fencing.

ArenaOur barn is well ventilated, and has large stalls (most of them have mats) that are cleaned daily.  Horses are on an individual feeding program, with 2 grains per day where needed.  Supplements will be given when supplied by owners. 

The indoor arena (72’ x 144’) is attached to the barn.  We also have an outdoor grass ring and lots of hacking, both on the property and quiet surrounding roads.

Monthly boarding rate is $515 including HST.

Contact us today to inquire about boarding your horse at West Wind Stables.

We also allow our students to part-board one of our talented horses. Building a bond with a horse is rewarding and uplifting and by part-boarding, you can become a true partner to your horse without the bulk expense of buying one yourself.

Contact us today if you are interested in part-boarding on of our ponies or horses.


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